Wolfge liquidity

Earn with WOLFGE by providing liquidity to pools and collect extra rewards in WOLFGE tokens for participating in liquidity mining programs.

The first WOLFGE liquidity mining program is going live on Pancakeswap after the official token launch

Wolfge is launching a liquidity mining program to reward WOLFGE/BNB liquidity providers on
PancakeSwap V2.
Wolfge will provide a total of 8.5% of the max supply of WOLFGE tokens for the first year.
The first reward period will last four months. It will be incentivized with 80% of WOLFGE tokens  used for the protocol.
By incentivizing WOLFGE liquidity pools (LP) with rewards, we aim to build the liquidity necessary to minimize costs/slippage and build long-term value for the WOLFGE ecosystem.
The remaining 20% tokens will be used to incentivize equally exciting liquidity mining programs in the coming quarters.



The first WOLFGE liquidity mining rewards program

In the first four month period, in addition to the 0.25% trading fees earned via PancakeSwap, LPs who are whitelisted will also earn their share of the 8.5% tokens. This share is proportional to the amount you deposit into the pool.
Our solution is based on an on-chain analytics system that tracks LP tokens, showing the exact beginning and end time of all LP token contributions.
In addition, the Wolfge developers have their own solution which is capable of tracking these parameters. They take hourly snapshots, and at the end of the month we can see which wallets have deposited their capital into the LP and for how much time. This gives the Wolfge team an overview of how much liquidity is being deposited day by day.



•  We require 0.5 BNB minimum.
• To be eligible your liquidity must remain in the pool for at least seven days
•  Recommended reading: please read this article https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/a-guide-to-pancakeswap if you’ve never participated as a LP before.
• The available rewards are divided throughout the entire pool. If someone is providing liquidity and does not whitelist their address, their share of the rewards will not bere distributed to the rest of the pool.
• The program will continue monthly unless we announce otherwise
• Liquidity reward calculator: HERE