Contribute to the growth of the WOLFGE ecosystem by contributing to the BOWL / WOLFGE pool

Many of you may be wondering why to launch another token, there are two reasons for this:

1) Bowl token contributes substantially to the growth of Wolfge token;
2) Bowl will have its own utility.

Bowl will be listed on the market according to our timelines also described in our roadmap.
A presale phase will also be held for Bowl.
Once finished the presale it will go to market immediately and thanks to Bowl we will create greater utility for Wolfge, the main token of our ecosystem.

We will create two liquidity pools: one immediately with which we will go to market and will be BOWL / BNB and a secondary pool with Wolfge and will be BOWL / WOLFGE.

This will lead to an exponential and lasting growth of the Wolfge token and to a directly proportional growth also of the Bowl.
Furthermore, all the people who decide to contribute and add liquidity to the BOWL / WOLFGE pool will be able to passively earn the Bowl token thanks to our liquidity mining rewards protocol applied to this pool.
Another important thing the BOWL token is a governance token.

Thanks to the purchase of the Bowl token, which will be a governance token, holders will have the right to access the Wolfy DAO and therefore to vote on the proposals that will be made, this will serve to entice and create more and more synergy between us and the community.


The proposals made will be related to the project, including the Wolfge token and the Bowl token.
* The greater the number of Bowl tokens held, the greater the value of the vote in the DAO.